Ultimate Survival Kit
  • Full Kit
  • With Multitool
Ultimate Multi Tool
  • With Over 10 Functions
  • Sports spring-loaded jaw
Survival Machete
  • High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Full Tang Construction
Ultimate Survival Knife
  • Easy to Trace
  • Carbon Stainless

Durable, responsive, affective and downright unbreakable!

Not only words used to describe Bear Grylls but his new collaboration with Gerber in supplying knives, scout kits, tools etc all with the power and focus on survival. Bear Grylls a natural born survivor who from a tender age used his inquisitive side to explore and test his abilities, as a young man taking on the impossibilities of Mount Everest to then face the challenges of recovery from a broken back. It is impossible to think of anyone you would prefer to have at your side when facing your own trials and this is where the Bear Grylls \'survivor\' range encourages you with confidence to fulfil your objective. So go on be a survivor, have faith in your equipment so you can get on with the task in hand!!
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